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Owner: Wendy Hoffstrom

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Owner:  Wendy Hoffstrom

I am a momma to five fabulous felines!  I love taking ordinary materials and turning them into pieces that make me smile and bring joy to other people.

My journey started when I had a need for art work to hang on my walls.  I spent time honing my painting skills and now have a house full of one of a kind masterpieces.

In 2002 I joined Pneumaticity Salon.  I delved into bead jewelry and copper works, as the salon had the resources and space to show my work.  I also tried my hand at new painting styles.

The Craft Revival has opened up new opportunities for me, allowing me to explore a number of different mediums.  Clays, cement, wire paper, wood and paint are some of the materials I enjoy playing with!   My body of work is ever evolving and eclectic in nature.  

What will I work with next?  Whatever grabs my attention when I jump down the “rabbit hole”!