We use semi precious stones in our jewellery. These stones hold energetic and spiritual properties that you can feel. Wearing semi precious stones can uplift your mood, protect you from negativity and even improve your health. Take a look through our stone descriptions to learn more and find your stone match!


LAAT Living Amber


Amber is a stone of solar energies that fill the wearer with warmth, light and well being. Amber is a soothing and uplifting stone that can be helpful for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression. It's like wearing the sun, it fills the body with warmth, healing and vitality making it an excellent stone for transmuting darkness to light. Amber puts us in touch with our own strength, courage and confidence. It reminds us of the light and helps to clear resistance to our personal evolution and ancestral knowing.


LAAT Living Amethyst


Amethyst is found in our hometown of Thunder Bay. This purple stone is a powerful spiritual ally! Amethyst is a stone of protection and purification. If you want to feel wrapped in a bubble of protective light, this is your stone. Wearing amethyst will enhance your environment. It is also responsible for activating your higher chakras and purifying your mind, environment and body from toxins. It is a popular stone among natural healers for its protective and psychic qualities. Become crystal clear and gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your motivations and the world around you. Find your special piece of handmade amethyst jewellry HERE.


LAAT Living Aquamarine


Aquamarine teaches the immense power of ease and holding the tension between the vision and the action. This is a calming and cooling stone that soothes like water. It assists with the gentle and clear communication of your highest truth. Aquamarine assists in clearing the emotional patterns of the past so that you can get to the highest truth within. It is a gateway into the mysteries of the divine feminine. This is a stone that will support you in these times of duality, polarity and uncertainty. Not only will it free you of your emotional trauma responses, it assists in having the ability to understand and see the truth of all opinions and possibilities, even the most polarized. Free yourself of attachments and experience the power of yielding to the divinity and joy of your life. 


LAAT Living Carnelian


Carnelian activates the lower triangle of chakras (root, sexual, and sacral. Prepare yourself for an influx of life force energy, creativity and vitality! This is the stone of courage, confidence and passion. Carnelian is a helpful ally for those embarking on a new path or those unable to decide on a course of action. For the dreamers out there, this is a great stone for birthing your dreams into the physical and staying the course to continue to take action towards your goals. If you're afraid of change or of making the wrong decision or doing the wrong thing, carnelian energy will provide the confidence and life force energy to take decisive action towards manifesting your highest goals and dreams. Find your dream piece of jewellery HERE.


LAAT Living Garnet


Garnet is an ancient stone that fosters an intimate connection with the Earth. Its energy is stable, secure and grounding. The steady, slow vibrations of garnet are perfect for those working with Kundalini Energy or who tend to build castles in the sky. Garnet takes dreaminess and roots it into the nourishing energy of the earth. Experience true joy and build a genuine, grounded life. Garnet is also a stone of embodiment. It helps one to become strongly rooted in their body. The energy of the Earth and body teaches us about abundance and helps one to feel supported in their needs and desires. Wear garnet to assist in developing a deep trust in your body and the infinite abundance of the universe. 


LAAT Living Moonstone

A luminous stone of the sacred feminine mystery. Moonstone's glow imbues the wearer in goddess energy, cyclical wisdom and deep insight. Moonstone provides a deeper noticing of your life's cycles and rhythms so you have the patience and understanding to know when to act and when to be still. This is a stone of the moon, which represents the natural progression of the ebb and flow of life. Wearing moonstone can assist in understanding your emotions and gaining a wider perspective for their meaning and purpose. Open yourself up to the gifts of the goddess.


LAAT Living Prehnite 


This is the stone of acting in alignment with the highest good for everyone possible in all situations. Prehnite calls you to the present moment. It links the heart with the will so that your personal power in the service of love and your will is willing to do as the heart desires. Wearing prehnite will amplify your projection. When your actions are connected with your heart, then you can direct your energy anywhere and your aura becomes a beacon! When your ability to project increases, so too does your ability to receive. Set your heart on the goal, quiet the mind and surrender to the divine flow of your life. Looking for joy in your heart and peace in you mind? Find your very special pieces of prehnite jewellery HERE.


LAAT Living Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz

This soothing, gentle pink stone may look humble but it is an absolute powerhouse! This is THE stone of love and healing. Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones you can wear. It is the stone that energetically matches Susan's vision of Love Above All Things (LAAT). Wearing rose quartz will soothe your emotional body so that you are able to access your true nature, which is love and compassion. We are all searching for love, like happiness, it's an inside job. This stone will amplify all forms of love including the holy grail of love, self-love. Wearing rose quartz helps you experience love above all things. Adorn yourself in a lovingly hand crafted piece of jewellery by one of LAAT's talented designers. Find your piece HERE.


LAAT Living Turquoise

The stone of wholeness and truth. Turquoise enhances truthful communication as it stimulates and harmonizes the throat chakra. Speak with clarity and love and from the wholeness of who you are. The wholeness that turquoise assists us to experience gives us access to our true nature, compassion. Turquoise reminds us that we are 100% human and 100% divine and that our experience of wholeness depends upon our ability to accept all of ourselves. Wear turquoise to remember the wisdom that comes from all of life's experiences, amplify self-forgiveness and self-acceptance and to speak with clarity and love.


LAAT Living Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline

This blue beauty will assist you in developing you psychic gifts. Wearing blue tourmaline enhances your ability to see and hear through the veil. Its blue colour and vibration will also assist you in gracefully expressing deep feelings and insights. Meditating with blue tourmaline can deliver a Zen like state of illuminated emptiness. Align your mind with the divine. Stop over thinking and experience pure awareness. Find some blue tourmaline HERE.

Green Tourmaline

Green tourmaline is considered one of the top stones for self healing. It directs energy to the heart centre and is unique in its ability to integrate the etheric with the physical. Because the heart resides in the centre of one's being, brining balance to the energetic and physical heart can bring wholeness and balance to all the parts of self. This unique energetic frequency makes green tourmaline effective for channeling the healing power of nature and divine love. You will feel invigorated, become less inhibited and experience live giving growth. It's time to feel vibrantly alive! Green tourmaline available HERE.

Watermelon Tourmaline

The combination of pink and green in watermelon tourmaline brings calmness and joy. This is the stone to wear to awaken your higher heart. Watermelon tourmaline will teach you the true meaning of joy. Erase stress, soothe your big emotions and live in a state of heart-centred awareness. The new level of love and compassion experienced will heal you and those around you on all levels. See our hand made jewellery featuring this pink and green stone HERE.