Tiny Talismans: Gilded Collection
Tiny Talismans: Gilded Collection
white narwal with gold horn
white triceratops with gold horns and spots.
white french bulldog with gold collar
white moose with gold antlers
stegosaurus with gold spikes
gold octopus with white spots
white hedgehog with gold quills
gold hermit crab with white shell
white rhino with gold horns
white ocelot with gold markings
white tiger with gold stripes
white otter holding a gold starfish
white snake with gold stripes down it's back
white seal with gold accents on its flippers
white lotus with black center and gold-tipped pedals.
white snow shoe hare with gold-tiped ears
arctic fox with gold-tipped ears and paws
polar bear with gold paws
Modest Mud

Tiny Talismans: Gilded Collection

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2021 Holiday Collection

These babies aren't just good, they're GOLDEN! The teeny tiny animals you've come to love are back with a bit of a twist. They're are made with the intention of giving you good luck BUT you'll also get the added benefit of looking like a fancy-pants. 

  • polished white clay and golden embellishments.
  • 18" brass chain included.

*** Snow Lotus pendant is on black cotton cord instead of brass chain.

*Although the pendants are water-resistant, do not wear swimming or anywhere your piece will be fully submerged in water for a long period of time.