As far back as I can remember, I loved making things. My grandmother and mother taught me various skills. Crocheting, embroidery, knitting, macrame and mostly sewing were always activities at our house. The only way I got new clothes as a preteen and teenager was to sew my own. My mother raised 5 kids as a single mom so money was tight. She would never say no to a pattern and fabric so my creativity in sewing was always nurtured!  As I matured I came to love working with natural fibers the best. They feel good in the hand. They are easier to iron and sew for me than synthetic fibers and they do not pill much at all. Natural fabrics feel the best against the skin and are breathable.
The more I read about the environment, manufacturing and overuse of chemicals, it makes sense to me to nurture the use of natural fabrics and fibers. I am not perfect in this matter, but am moving towards eco fabrics and at least natural fibers. In my mind the fiber needs to be able to decompose in the landfill once its life has come to an end. I feel that we need to nurture our relationship to the planet that sustains us. My part in this is to be mindful of the fabric I use and the goods I purchase.
My creativity has grown over the years! I enjoy designing clothes by changing around components of a garment pattern. I reimagine a look and redraw a pattern to make the fabric do my bidding. Often details will be felted into wool or a collar and cuff will be knit to replace fabric ones.
Dying with plants has become a passion. The silk scarves each are unique works of art. One never knows how it will turn out and that is half the fun! I will be exploring this medium a lot more!