Green Jade Mala
Green Jade Mala
Green Jade Mala
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Green Jade Mala

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Green jade and clear quartz 108 bead mala.

This mala is for abundance! Open your heart to the flow of divine love and prosperity that the universe is waiting to bless you with. Wear this mala if you are ready for a blast of heart energy, abundance and fertility. The properties of green jade are amplified by the faceted clear quartz.

More About the Malas

Each mala is hand knotted while reciting mantra (sacred sounds). Each mala is created with a deep reverence for the history and tradition of these prayer beads. Knotted in mindfulness and while chanting sacred sounds, the wearer will benefit from the vibration infused in each piece. 

If the energy of this mala resonates with you, it speaks to a connection that you have with the energy of the mantra infused in the stones and the energy of the stones themselves. 

A mala is a string of beads separated by knots in silk. The history of malas dates back to ancient China. Malas are traditionally used as prayer beads, so each bead represents one recitation of a prayer or mantra. Mixing ancient tradition with a modern approach to prayer and meditation, I believe these pieces can be worn as talismans that project and protect the wearer.

With each mala you will receive a 100% cotton bag for storage, a card with instructions on how to use your mala for Japa Meditation (recitation of mantra using a mala) and a card with the specific mantra for this mala. 

Mantra for Green Jade + Clear Quartz Mala

Mantra is sacred sound current. Chanting mantra has tremendous healing benefits. The mantra used while making this mala was: Bahota Karam, a mantra for wealth and prosperity.