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Who doesn't like a road trip!  My colleague and myself checked out of work one day and set off on a creative adventure!  I am the boss (although I don't like that word) so checking out was cool.

With my cup of tea in hand and her coffee we set off from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Grand Marais in Minnesota to attend a workshop at North Folk School.


The workshop is Plant Dying Silk Scarves. We are both artsy souls and are excited to learn this process.

We are given 3 scarves each to dye.  Some plant ingredients we have brought with us.  There is also a plethora of ingredients on a table for us to use as well.  Picture a smorgasbord of plant material!

Instructions are given to lay oodles of plant material, rusty nails and screws (who would believe that!) on the delicate silk.  The scarf is rolled into a bundle and secured with more rusty wire (yikes!) or twine.  Our first scarf is ready for the steam box!

We prepare another scarf before we break for lunch so it will be ready upon our return.

The afternoon is ripe with excitement as we prepare our last scarf, but more importantly we get to reveal our first two projects!  

Our treasures are unwrapped being careful to save the rusty bits (to be reused).  The magic appears when the plant matter (which will be composted) is shaken off !  The sheer beauty of the designs are breathtaking!  Each scarf is a unique mix of colour and design! The process is so fascinating!

The scarves are rinsed and hung to dry so they can be ironed.  Ironing enhances the beauty even more!

Our workshop draws to a close.  We take our treasures and new found knowledge home to Thunder Bay, planning how we can incorporate these creations into our boutique. Shop our collection here.

Each time I do a batch, I set aside a day to create, marvelling at the patterns and colours that plants produce on the silk and wool!  These are satisfying days indeed with a connection to the plant world.  I am truly humbled by the many gifts that plants present to us!

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