Is it the Journey or the Destination that Counts

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Who doesn't love a road trip??!!  I for one do, but the thought of driving across Canada did seem daunting and for one who likes "to do" things the prospects seemed a bit boring.  


These were the conflicting thoughts running through my head when Covid lockdowns thwarted three of our trips last year.  Once we knew we were able to travel within Canada,  the road trip was decided!  We planned to drive from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Vancouver Island where our children  and grandchild live.

How was I going to keep busy, pass the time and not be bored.  That was the big question? 

My husband Charlie likes to drive, leaving me in the passenger seat with empty hands, no sewing machine or serger!   I decided to knit my way across the country.  My wool, needles and instructions were stashed behind my seat. The projects alternated between easy quick knits to more detailed creations and designs. 

The projects rolled off the knitting needles.  The process was so enjoyable that the hours whizzed by!  You can view these and more here:

As I knit we listened to audio books.  I love reading!  This was such a bonus!  We were able to read, drive, and knit at the same time.  This made the journey painless and very enjoyable. 

We chose two Nigerian authors to listen to plus a North American author.  It was fascinating to listen to the Nigerian authors and learn about the history and struggle of that country through fictional characters; my favourite way to learn history! 

Where the Crawdads Sing was an incredible read.  One of my favourites indeed.  The main character's connection to nature touched me deeply, her ability to rise above her circumstances inspiring.  Have you read this one?


When I needed a break from my knitting, I would check out the scenery. Every part of the country yields up its own unique beauty.  I was inspired by the open sky of the prairies, the fields of crops as far as the eye could see.  

The lime green is so vibrant you can't take in enough of the sight!

What can you say about the Rocky Mountains?  Breathtakingly beautiful, majestic and humbling to travel through.

These  above are The Three Sisters Mountains in Canmore, where the mountain range begins in Canada. 

This photo above is near Banff.

I could hardly believe that I didn't want the travel days to end!  I wanted to keep knitting, listening to the stories and take pics of the ever-changing landscape.

Three and half days of travel brought us to Vancouver Island where we hiked in Tofino with our sons, rented a beach house near Campbell River to enjoy our daughter, son-in-law and grandson, relaxing and exploring.

This is a beautiful shot of one of the many lovely beaches on Vancouver Island.  The buttons on my knit cowls are foraged from beaches such as these.


see the driftwood buttons here:

 Beautiful Tofino beach with my sons!

The drive back was just as enjoyable other than the fact that the more east we drove the further away from our family we got. A sense of bittersweetness settled in.

I think it is safe to say the we are all missing connection to family and friends during this time.  As I write this, my thoughts go wandering to this coming summer ......another road trip, will be be able to travel in our own country?

Have you enjoyed travelling vicariously with me?  I sure hope so. 

Let's make a toast to family and friends and future adventures together.



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