The Story Behind the Name LAAT Living

Love meaning nightmare pregnant

What does LAAT living stand for? There’s a story behind this acronym.

One night I was having the worst nightmare of my life. It was so terrifying that I was able to sit bolt upright in bed from laying on my back. I know that doesn’t sound so difficult but let me explain that at the time I was 9 months pregnant. Any woman who has experienced the awkwardness of a 9 month old fetus in their belly knows you roll over and get up! There I was sitting up in a cold sweat glad to be awake when I heard a voice. I know, I know — I assure you it was audible. The voice said ” Love Above All Things.”

Immediately a calm came over me. My nightmare completely erased from my memory, I said to myself, “They really wanted me to get that.” LAAT stands for love above all things. That is the message that was given to me so many years ago and the message that I have applied to all aspects of life and living. Whenever I feel anxious or negative, that message reminds me to breathe and stay the course. It will all work out. Everything happens for a reason.

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